UPDATE: Charles “Chuck” Hansen has pleaded guilty in California to two counts of indecent exposure. He was sentenced to three years probation, 20 days of public service work and mandatory sex offender classes. Hansen will also have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Click here to read the full story on the KPLC website.

This is a Poll of Public Opinion Regarding Recent Accusations Against Charles “Chuck” Hansen

This poll should not be construed as anything other than public OPINION on this matter.

This poll has ended. You can view the question that was asked as well as view an image of the poll results below.

Do You Believe that Charles “Chuck” Hansen is Guilty or Innocent
***This is a poll of public opinion and should not be construed as anything otherwise.***

Regarding the recent accusations against local former school board member Charles “Chuck” Hansen, do you believe he is guilty or innocent?

Chuck Hansen Indecent Exposure Poll Results