AI Job Search

Almost Everybody Has to Work

For those of us not lucky enough to be born rich, with a trust fund or blessed with good luck and don’t have to work we need a job. So how do you find the job you want? Most of us use popular job search websites like Snagajob, Careerbuilder and Indeed along with asking friends and maybe even checking the local paper. Recently another option came online and it’s using artificial intelligence to make the job search easier.

Speed Up the Process

So how is AI going to help you find your new job easier than the other job searches? Along with the features that all of the other job searches offer, this new search weeds out duplicate listings, brings the newest and most relevant listings to the top of the list, and also tries to send you to the site with the easiest application process.

It’s Free

Now this new option isn’t from some new technology upstart that wants to charge you for their service. This new AI powered job search is from the most well known search provider on Earth, Google.

The Whole Process is Easier

To use this new feature on any device, all you have to do is enter “jobs near me”, “jobs near me that are hiring” or just about any other job related search term in the normal Google search field. After that, you’ll be shown a list of jobs in your area that are most likely to be hiring at the time. You will also be presented with other options to drill-down and find the job that’s best for you. Another bonus is the job listings are shown in an easy to read format with no ads, popups or other distractions.

Enter A Job Related Search Term

Jobs are Sorted With the Help of AI So You Can Use the Tabs to Drill Down to the Results You Want