The ISS is visible over Sulphur many times per year. Most of the time you can only see it for a minute or two, but sometimes it is visible for five minutes or longer. With a speed of 4.76 miles per second (17,136 mph) along with the unpredictable weather in Sulphur, it is sometimes hard to get a good look at the International Space Station. There are other circumstances that make it harder or easier to view as well. Some of the best times to view is in the evening or early morning when the Sun reflects off the solar panels of the ISS in the dimly lit sky. You can also sometimes get a good view of the Space Station at night if the circumstances are just right.

To the naked eye, the International Space Station will look like a star moving across the sky.

Check out the “Spot The Station” Space Station Tracker below to see the next time the International Space Station will be visible over Sulphur.

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