Rideshare Service Lyft Now Available in Southwest Louisiana

The popular rideshare service Lyft recently started operating in Southwest Louisiana. Lyft is similar to a taxi service in that you request and pay for a ride. The differences between Lyft and a taxi are; rates are typically much lower with Lyft, you will be riding in (sharing) someone else’s car, you hail them using an app rather than calling, and the drivers do not have set hours. This means that in exchange for lower rates you might wait a little longer during late night hours or peak times.
Click here to get a $5 credit toward your first ride with Lyft.

Typical Rates Compared to a Cab Service

A typical ride within the city of Sulphur or Lake Charles will cost between $5 and $7 one-way. A ride from Sulphur to Lake Charles (or vice-versa) will cost approximately $14 one-way. In comparison, a typical cab ride in Sulphur will cost at least $20 and a cab from Sulphur to Lake Charles costs between $30 and $50 depending on company and distance. You can get an estimate of how much Lyft will cost you for a ride within the app or you can click here and enter your pickup and drop off locations.