While they’re the butt of many jokes and may not be the healthiest choice, McDonald’s food is still very popular. In fact, half of all Americans eat McDonald’s at least once per month.

This year McDonald’s plans to roll out a few new service to make ordering easier and more efficient. Here’s a look at some of the new services you’ll see at your local McDonald’s in 2017.

Table Service at All Locations

McDonald’s rolled out table service at select locations over the past few years. They have now decided to offer the service at all US McDonald’s. This means you can expect to have your food delivered to your table after ordering rather than hanging out by the condiments station waiting.

All US Restaurants Will Get Ordering Kiosks

While some stores have had ordering kiosks for many years, McDonald’s plans add them to all of their restaurants in 2017. This means rather than walking up to the counter and placing your order with an employee, you’ll be tapping your selections on a touch screen. This service is supposed to improve efficiency by allowing more people to place their order at the same time. It’s also supposed to cut down on order errors since customers will be entering and confirming their own orders.

Order and Pay on Your Smartphone

In early 2017 McDonald’s introduced an app that allows customers to place and pay for their order using their smartphone at select locations. They plan to roll out this feature out to 16,000 more US locations by the end on 2017. After you place your order with the app there are three ways to get your food. Two pick-up methods that will be offered at most restaurants are walk in and drive-thru. Some locations will also offer curbside pick up.

Food Delivery

Using 3rd party providers, McDonald’s will be offering delivery service to many parts of the US. In our area the delivery service Waitr already delivers food from McDonald’s as well as many other restaurants. You can place your order on the Waitr website or by using the Waitr phone app.

New Jobs to Come with the New Services

Counter service employees will keep their jobs to assist customers with the new kiosks. More employees will also be needed to help with table service. Some stores will likely need to hire more kitchen staff to keep up with the kiosk and phone app orders as well.