How to Enable SnapChat Ghost Mode

The app SnapChat has recently released an update that shows the location of users to other users in real-time. It even shows an image of a car on the map if it notices you’re moving at a speed that indicates you’re likely to be driving or riding in a vehicle. If someone zooms in far enough, they can possibly see your location within a few feet.

Follow the steps below to enable “Ghost Mode” so your location doesn’t show up on the SnapChat map.

  • Open the app and “pinch” the screen to go to the map screen.
  • Tap the gear icon near the top right of the map screen.
  • When the settings screen appears, enable “Ghost Mode.”
  • There will now be a ghost head on your body on the SnapChat map.

SnapChat friends will still be able to see your posts, but not your location.