How to Setup Amazon Firestick and Roku
Streaming Media Players

Watching TV shows, movies, news and other videos used to require a subscription to a cable or satellite service provider. You could also use an antenna to catch over the air programming for free, but in most areas you’re limited to less than ten channels. In the past few years companies like Amazon and Roku have made it possible to easily get the programming you want without having to pay for extra channels that you’ll never watch.

Both of these devices connect directly to modern TV sets via the HDMI port and are fairly easy to setup even for people who aren’t very tech savvy. While there are other streaming media devices out there, these are the two that are most user friendly to setup and operate.

In addition to a TV with an HDMI port, you will need an internet connection with a download speed of at least 5Mbps. If you have a cable or DSL internet connection you should have no problems. If you are using a different type of internet service provider you should run a speed test to make sure you are getting over 5Mbps download speeds.

Below are short videos on how to setup the Amazon Firestick and Roku.